By h43z
      This site is a funny keylogger for omnibar entries. It emulates googles opensearch settings which
      allow you to search google from your omnibar (urlbar).

      Chromium and Google Chrome just added as a search engine to you browser.
      Under firefox one would have to click on the three dots on the right
      of the omnibar and then "Add Search Engine".

      An attacker with physical access to your unlocked computer could then
      make this site ( your DEFAULT search engine.

      Afterwards almost everything you type into the omnibar will
      go through my server first. Implied you have suggestions enabled in
      your browser (default in chrome).

      Without that setting only the full search term after hitting enter will
      show up at the server.

      Suggestions and searches are forwarded to which makes this
      method quite stealthy and undetectable for a regular non tech savy person.

      See it in action here ->